Top 5 Android Mobile to Buy

Published by: Admin | On Date: August 02, 2016

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury; they have become a necessary part of our lives. Mobile phones are no longer a marker of your status symbol they have become a normal daily life commodity just like any other.  And surprisingly, we do not even realise how much our lives have become dependant on them. From a quick message to calls to movies to work everything is more or less managed by our mobile phones. The technology in mobile phones develops at a very fast rate and new and advanced phones are released each day. It becomes necessary in such a scenario to be a prudent buyer and buy your phone judiciously. Therefore, here is a list of best mobile phones launched recently which you should definitely consider before buying one:


1)     Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: No wonder Samsung tops the list as usual. This phone is really great with its 5.5 inch display and quad HD resolution. The camera quality is good with rear camera 12 MP and front 5 MP.  The phone offers 4 GB Ram and a 32 GB internal memory and has a longer battery life. Apart from it the phone is waterproof. Undoubtedly the edge part enhances its look and makes it all the more elegant. The phone costs around RS. 50000.

2)     One Plus 3: A very similar to HTC one M9 in design, this phone has 64 GB internal memory and 4 GB RAM.  It works on the latest android version 6.1 marshmallows. The aluminium design adds to the look of the phone. It has 5’5 inch display, 16 Megapixels rear camera and a long lasting battery life this phone costs around Rs.30000. This price is totally worth given the features and the performance of the phone.

3)     HTC One A9: The body of this phone is said to be very similar to latest iPhone 6. The phone runs on android version 6.0 Marshmallow and also has a finger print scanner. It has 1.2 Ghz octa-core processor with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory which is expandable to 2000 GB.  The phone has rear camera of around 13 Megapixels. It costs somewhere between Rs.25000-30000.

4)     Motorola Moto G4:  If you are looking for something really inexpensive yet sustainable and good then this one is definitely for you. It has a 5.5 inch HD display, octa core processor. This phone runs on android version 6.1 Marshmallow and also has a good battery life. The phone has an added feature of being water- resistant. The price of the phone varies between Rs.11000-13000 depending upon the internal memory you want i.e. 16 GB and 32 GB. It is available in black and white colour.

5)     Nexus 6P: This phone is to be released in Indian on 1st of August 2016 but has already been released outside and has good reviews.  Nexus 69 has a great metal design. This phone has 5.7 inch display and 2 GB RAM. The phone runs on latest android version Marshmallow. A unique feature of this phone is that it has its finger print scanner at its back which might take a while for you to adjust to. The phone would cost somewhere between Rs.32000-36000 depending upon the internal i.e. 16 and 32 GB respectively.

Amazon Prime, Now in INDIA.

Published by: Admin | On Date: July 27, 2016

The next step of online shopping is here. To a great relief of the Indian customers and to much dismay of Flipkart Company, Amazon has finally launched Amazon Prime in India now. It is a service enhancing and a quality assurance step taken by Amazon and this is certainly not in favour of its all time Indian competitor Flipkart.

Amazon Prime is an add-on to a-Fulfilled of Amazon and can be understood as Amazon Fulfilled + Free Fast delivery. Though this service is nog free of cost, the charges are Rs 499 for annual subscription and this is totally worth it. It is said to be a discounted price for the amount Rs.999. There also a free trial of 60 days after which you would have to pay. The membership to Amazon Prime is of great advantage to people as it has something great to offer to you. Through Amazon Prime you can have a speedy and fast delivery of the products i.e. unlimited free delivery of products in a one or two day. There is also an option of same day, morning or scheduled delivery available for a few major cities at a discounted price of Rs.50. Not every product would be under Amazon Prime so you would have to look for Amazon Prize logo with the product before you buy it. To further add to the advantage Prime members would exclusively have access to lightening offers available on Amazon half hour before others. So now you can grab the best deal before others even get to hear about it.

This is not it. Very soon Amazon Prime Videos will also be available to Indian customer where there would be streaming of latest movies and TV shows. This service is already there in US and would be reaching India in no time. Amazon Prime is one of the best services offered so far and is sure to bring a change in Indian online business sector.

Grab It Before It Gone On Keep In Pocket!

Published by: Admin | On Date: July 18, 2016

In today's time, there are hundreds of websites offering hundreds of offers to the buyers. Some or the other offer keeps on popping up every minute. Thus, the buyers are in a fix as to how many sites do they need to keep a check on, how many offers are there and above all what is the best offer amongst all. No wonder it gets hectic and confusing for a person, purchasing products online.

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